Mailing Lists FAQ

What is an SIC code?
Standard Industrial Classification; a numeric code which segments businesses by the products or services they provided.

Is the household income exact?
Income is based on a model built around census data, tax assessor records and bureau data along with numerous proprietary records. But not an exact amount.

What is a good response rate?
This is a trick question. It is impossible to know your response rate until you have tested a specific offer, at a specific price, with a specific mail piece, with a specific list, dropped on a specific date and so on. One of the most basic rules of direct marketing is to build a control package through testing and then you can start to measure results and calculate profits.

How does the “Do Not Call List” affect me?
The Authorized Representative and the person accessing telephone numbers for any organization must certify compliance with the requirements of the National Registry. No organization will be permitted access until certification is complete.

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